Local Wine Tour

Local Winery Tour: Plan your Summer

Locals and out of towners alike take full advantage of not only the local winery tours in and around Charlottesville. It can be overwhelming to decide where to go, especially if you are new to the area. There are a few different local wineries I’d love to highlight, as well as different services in the area that make it easier for you to taste as much as you like, without having to worry about the DD in the group.

I’d like to organize it by local companies and services they offer, of course, you don’t need to utilize these, but then everyone in the group can enjoy a taste.

3 Different Companies, similar offerings.

  1. Monticello Wine Tour & Taste – This company has 5-stars on Google, with 64 reviews and nothing less than a 5-star rating! There are public tours available, starting at $79. You can also do a tour that includes lodging, and the price goes up from there to $550. If instead of a local winery tour you’d rather a brewery tour, they include that option in their list of public tours. If you’d rather build your own private tour they have three different sized vehicles you can choose from, and from there you build your own tour, and there is an hourly fee.


Local Winery

There are many ways to taste the local flavor in and around Charlottesville, including public & private winery tours.


2. Wish Wish Wine Tours – This company also maintains excellent ratings across multiple platforms. There are 4 options for public tours all $79, and then the private tours range from $255 to $485. That includes vehicles that can hold anywhere from 3 people up to 14 people for 5 hours. There are 13  popular local winery and brewery tours as well as the option to build your own tour.


wine tasting

Wine tasting while in Charlottesville has easily become one of the most popular things to do while in the area. The beautiful views, excellent local wine, and community make for the perfect combination for a lovely afternoon.


3. Blue Ridge Wine Excursions – With this company, you have the option of either paying hourly with choice of vehicle or paying per person, also with the choice of vehicle. They have a detailed list of the local wineries on their site. This includes specific notes about each local winery and noting the winemaker and owners.

Done for the Day

When you’ve successfully toured some of the local wineries for the day, be sure to grab dinner in town! Mas is always a delicious experience, and Lampo will not disappoint!


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