Guide to Charlottesville Real Estate

Charlottesville: Houses, condos and apartments

Buying a Home in Charlottesville

charlottesvilleThe Charlottesville Real Estate Market almost seems like a phenomenon. Home prices continue to be on the rise, construction continues and more housing at high costs is being eaten up by those who wish to make Charlottesville their home. Why, is this? Is it the beauty that surrounds and is this city? Or maybe it is draw of the renowned University of Virginia? Perhaps it is the many accolades that Charlottesville receives every year?

I would like to say I can pin point why Charlottesville is such an attractive place to call your home. The reality is I believe that it is thanks to so many reasons. The people, the location, the businesses, the non-profits and everything in between are what help make Charlottesville such a unique & desirable place to call your home.

Charlottesville: The Search for the Perfect Home

Charlottesville Neighborhoods

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Charlottesville’s neighborhoods are as varied as it’s residents. No matter what type of property/neighborhood combo you are searching for, likelihood of there being a match in or around Charlottesville is fairly high.  For example, if you are looking for an old property to fix up in close proximity to the Historic Downtown Mall, you may want to check out Belmont. (Woolen Mills, or Locust Grove are also great options.)  Or perhaps you want a high-rise condo? Maybe a quiet residential home walking distance to a city school? Whatever your wants and needs, Charlottesville has an incredible amount of options!

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 Neighborhood Types:

  • Cul-de-sacs & Kids
  • Historic
  • Urban
  • New Urban
  • Up & Coming
  • Pedestrian
  • Destination
  • Golf
  • Rural

Types of Neighborhoods

Cul-de-Sacs & Kids

would refer to neighborhoods and areas that are extremely family friendly. People searching for these types of homes are not going to be as concerned as to the proximity to urban areas. They are concerned however with the quality of the streets. AKA Are there kids living nearby? Can they play in the drive way and street with little to no anticipated harm? Kids Safety is the top priority.


neighborhoods may constitute a few different types of neighborhood still. Ifa historic homeis your interest, you may want to discuss further desires with your realtor. For example, do you want an urban historic neighborhood or urban residential neighborhood? Or, in terms of Albemarle County and the surrounding areas, you may want a rural historic property. Virginia has many historic homes that are not in a neighborhood, but rather in a rural setting.


Neighborhoods would be walking distance to downtown. These may constitute a mix of older homes, converted warehouses, and condos. The home owners are extremely varied in Charlottesville and include young couples, families and older couples. This city is a unique community and has something to offer those in all walks of life.

New Urban

would refer to the upscale condos that are continually being constructed around the Historic Downtown Mall. Currently, January 2018, there is are 68 condos in a proposed new condo building. These condos range from 1-3 bedrooms and are upwards of $400,000 from what I can tell. These would certainly constitute luxury condos, and they certainly don’t skimp on amenities.

Belmont is the most prominent Up & Coming

neighborhood in the city. Whereas 10-15 years ago investing in properties here may have been questionable, those investments are certainly paying off. (Not to say that most property values in Charlottesville have gone up significantly.) Belmont is unique in that in the center of the neighborhood is a little hub of restaurants, a coffee shop and more. These restaurants happen to be some of the most well known restaurants in the city. People come from near and far to eat in this neighborhood.

If you are interested in a Pedestrian neighborhood,

you will be looking for cozy apartments and condos located above businesses. These are limited. Charlottesville is not extraordinarily large, so expect to find these fairly pricey. Purchasing may also be tricky. Most of these owners have no interest in selling. These properties retain their value.

If you are searching for an estate in a gated community,

or a large mansion on a significant plot of land with mountain views, we would say you are looking for a Destination home or Golf neighborhood, at times combined. Lucky for you, Charlottesville has a few gated communities, and is surrounded by mountain ranges. Keswick is a gated golf community that strives to turn a vacation-esque experience into your life style. The renowned Keswick Hall is currently closed for renovations and debuting later this year. This esteemed community has only 121 homes behind it’s gates and prides itself on exclusivity.

If you could do without the golf course and simply want a bit of land to accompany your estate,

you will likely be purchasing a home in Albemarle, Nelson, Greene County etc. Based on your price point and desires, we would narrow the search from there. Rural homes can be found in the neighboring counties, and range from 1 acre up to 200+ acres. This area is great for beginning a winery, or purchasing an established winery for sale if you are looking to go into business as well as purchase a home. (Farms are also a great way to go in this region, so please let your real estate know if that is what you are seeking.) Depending on your crop, you may want to check soil samples, etc to make sure your next purchase is just right.

If you want to start a farm…