Schools in the Charlottesville


Mighty Minds Little Hands International Preschool

Ages: 6 weeks – 5 years

Tuition: contact for more info

Address:2117 Angus Rd., Charlottesville VA 22901

Phone Number: (434) 975-4263

Rating: 4.9 (Facebook)

MMLH began in 2006 as a daycare center, and has since progressed into a school facility. It is now home to 70 children ages 6 weeks-5 years as well as 18 staff members. The truly amazing thing about this preschool is the Spanish & French language immersion program for your child!


Foundations Child Development Center

Ages: 4 weeks – 4 years

Tuition: contact for more info

Address: 3375 Berkmar Dr., Charlottesville, VA 22901

Phone Number: (434)973- 9218

Foundations Child Development Center offers full & part time options. This is a locally owned and operated daycare that prides itself on that notion. The center first opened in 1995, and is known for its retention of teachers who come and stay! In addition to the consistency of staff, your child can look forward to freshly made lunches, as well as the ability to be a “learner.” The Emergent Curriculum allows your child to learn at their own speed, and teaches them through [lay.


UVA Child Development Center – Preschool

Ages: 2-5

Tuition: $201-$266/week

Address: 180 Copeley Road

Phone Number: 434-293-6110

These Centers are specifically for the children of University faculty, staff, students, hospital employees as well as University affiliated foundations and contractors.The University Child Development Center was first developed in 1991, and has since expanded from 1 center to 2 centers. One being the daycare, one being the preschool. The Centers are all accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Part of the charm of this center is the low ratio of children to staff, the outstanding program offered, and the quality of staff hired. (Due to the high demand, there may be a waitlist for these centers.)


ABC Preschool

Ages: Birth-5 years 11 months

Tuition: Contact for more information

Address: 1015 E Market St

Phone Number: 434-296-1116

Founded in 1986, “Another Beautiful Child,” also known as ABC runs an accredited program through the International Academy of Private Education.


Albemarle Montessori Children’s Community

Ages: 2.5 years old – Kindergarten

Tuition: Contact for more information

Address: 1554 Insurance Lane

Phone Number: 540-671-9894

Albemarle Montessori strives to connect children to the outside world by using organic and natural materials in the classroom, and spending a substantial amount of time outside. The learning program is directed by the idea of self-learning at one’s own time. The learning process is meant to be viewed by your child as a sort of play, and keep the child not only engaged but also challenged simultaneously. Beyond the academic preparation your child will receive, AMCC would like to help your child develop their emotional intelligence, social skills, communication and motivation, as well as mindfulness – the thought being to help prepare your child for the challenges presented in the world we live in today.


Bright Beginnings Preschool

Ages: Birth to Pre-K

Tuition: Contact for more information

Address: 1610 Regent St. & 1221 Stoney Ridge Rd. (Alternate location in Crozet as well.)

Phone Number: 434-973-8414, 434-979-8585

BBC strives to provide an environment that caters to the needs of each family. In addition, children are encouraged to progress at their own rate. This preschool has been nominated best preschool in Charlottesville by a number of publications, and has the unique option of getting updates about your littles throughout the day via email and text. The curriculum includes literature, math, science, art, music, drama, and much more in an effort to prepare the kids for kindergarten and beyond.


Chancellor St. Preschool Co-Op

Ages: 3-5 years old

Tuition: 3 days-$162, 4 days-$216, 5 days-$270

Address: Corner of University Ave. &  Chancellor St in the Education wing of St. Paul’s Memorial Church

Phone Number: 434-296-6444

Day: 8:40am – 11:45am

Chancellor St. strives to incorporate play into the learning process after years of research has proven the effectiveness of this method. They refer to their program as “teaching the whole child” by looking to teach every aspect of life: academics, social, and physical. The decision making process has also been incorporated into the program as well. The age groups are mixed, just like most families, and the children are encouraged to help one another. Unique aspects here are that the children get to use real typewriters, potter’s clay, create their own snacks, or perhaps even deconstruct an old radio. Also, parents play a vital role in this co-op, and every day 2 parents assist the teachers. The community aspect is highly valued at this preschool.


Faith Christian Academy

Ages: Birth-3rd Grade

Tuition: Daily & Part Time Rates – Contact for more information

Address: 2186 Richmond Rd.

Phone Number: 434-979-1700

This is a faith-based program that is centralized by Godly principles. The goal of this program is to equip children with necessary life skills, to learn responsibility and learn respect for oneself and others. The program is separated by age groups and directed by academic, emotional, social and spiritual development. All of this is centered around the Biblical perspective that has been incorporated.


Little Blessings Nursery

Tuition: $184/week

Address: 904 Raymond Rd.

Phone Number: 434-295-3663


Montessori School Inc

Ages: 21 months-3 years (Toddler community), 3-6 years (Primary Communities)

Tuition: Contact for more information, scholarships available

Address: 631 Cutler Lane

Phone Number: 434-295-9055

One main aspect of this school is the mixed age classroom. The School is operated under Montessori principles and is fully equipped as such. The classrooms remain open and the children are encouraged to make choices on their own within the environment provided. The school day begins at 8:30am and goes until 11:45am for toddlers. (Noon, 1pm, 3pm & 5:30pm are alternate times offered for older children. Awareness is also a main aspect that the children are taught at this school, not only for themselves and those around them, but also to be aware that they are caretakers of the planet. If this were not enough, there are also lessons in “grace and courtesy” in addition to the academics.


St. Mark Lutheran Preschool

Ages: 2.5 to Kindergarten

Tuition: Contact for more information

Address: 100 Alderman Rd.

Phone Number: 434-293-0792

The school was first opened in the 1950’s, and has since opened its doors wide for people of all race, gender, faith, sexual identity, or national origin. Unique aspects of this Preschool are that they are open year round from 6am-6pm. The location is extremely close to the University of Virginia as well, which is convenient for students & staff members of the University or hospital employees.


Elementary Schools


Burnley-Moran Elementary

Grades: Preschool – 4th

Rating: 4/5 on GreatSchools

Address: 1300 Long St.

Phone Number: 434-245-2413

Burnley-Moran was named after and founded by two magnificent women. Together, the women has 49 years of experience as principles of local elementary schools. This unique elementary school is located within walking distance of Charlottesville’s Downtown walking mall. The school has a commitment to community and healthy living, which is proudly expressed through the City Schoolyard Garden. The school has also proven itself academically by earning the Virginia Department of Education’s VIP Excellence Award.


Clark Elementary

Grades: Preschool – 4th

Rating: 3/5 on GreatSchools

Address: 1000 Belmont Ave.

Phone Number: 434-245-2414

This school can be found in the heart of the upcoming Belmont neighborhood, and is one of the oldest schools in the city. The “5 Bees” are central to Clark,

  1. Be Kind

  2. Be Safe

  3. Be Respectful

  4. Be Responsible

  5. Be a Thinker

Thus, it’s only appropriate the have a bumblebee mascot. The school aims to keep their students active and engaged not only in school but also in the community. Clark Elementary has a City Schoolyard garden to engage the kids in a sort of outdoor classroom. If your child is gifted, they offer a Quest Program.


Greenbriar Elementary

Grades: Preschool – 4th

Rating: ⅘ on GreatSchools

Address: 2228 Greenbrier Dr.

Phone Number: 434-245-2415

Greenbriar Elementary was constructed in the early 60’s and was named after the very neighborhood in north Charlottesville that it served. Greenbriar has maintained academic excellence and earned multiple recognitions including Title I Distinguished School as well as the Virginia Department of Education’s VIP Award of Excellence. With around 25% of the school speaking English as a second language, Greenbriar has embraced and full heartedly supported all children they serve by offering intensive literacy instruction, after-school tutoring and community building. You can also look forward to Greenbriar’s partnership with City Schoolyard Garden as the children learn in their own school garden, but also take part in indulging in nature through their outdoor amphitheater, trails and courtyard.


Jackson-Via Elementary

Grades: Preschool – 4th

Rating: 5/5 GreatSchools

Address:508 Harris Rd.

Phone Number: 434-245-2416

Jackson-Via was first founded in 196 by two women who were leaders in Charlottesville’s public education, Nannie Cox Jackson and Betty Davis Via. The school holds the PTO in high esteem, and it maintains it’s place as an integral part of the school community. Jackson-Via is also home to the city’s Special Education program, and is fully equipped to assist those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The belief that every child is capable of learning no matter what, is one that the school certainly holds dear. There is also a unique, almost Harry Potter, aspect to the school in that the 2nd through 4th graders are split into “houses” that correlate with Charlottesville’s very own sister cities. This helps promote broader relationships despite age, as well as encourage character development, leadership and cooperation. (There are also special programs dedicated to aid the Spanish speaking families.)


Johnson Elementary

Grades: Preschool – 4th

Rating: 5/5 on GreatSchools

Address: 1645 Cherry Ave.

Phone Number: 434-245-2417


Venable Elementary




Phone Number:


Middle Schools


Walker Upper Elementary

Grades: 5 & 6

Rating: 5/5 at GreatSchools

Address: 1564 Dairy Rd.

Phone Number: 434-245-2412

Walker serves children from all over Charlottesville, acting as a bridge between elementary and middle school. Walker Upper Elementary tries to offer opportunities that might not necessarily be otherwise available, such as Spanish for high school credit, or their award-winning jazz band. There are before and after school activities to help not only to extend learning opportunities, but also to help support families. The administrative team at this school is also well equipped to exceed any expectations you may have.


Buford Middle School

Grades: 7th & 8th

Rating: ⅗ GreatSchools

Address: 1000 Cherry Ave.

Phone Number: 434-245-2411

The motto, “Be at the Right Place, at the Right Time, doing the Right Thing, with the Right Materials,” is a guide that this school uses for the kids as a way to allow them to learn how to make the right decisions. A few aspects that make this middle school unique include:

  • The Buford Engineering Design Academy

  • The City Schoolyard Garden

  • Emphasis on College Readiness (This includes offering honor courses, an AVID program, and the opportunity to earn high school credit.)

  • Value of the Arts


High School


Charlottesville High School

Grades:9th to 12th

Rating: ⅗ GreatSchools

Address: 1400 Melbourne Rd.

Phone Number: 434-245-2410

CHS is home to around 1200 students, and is known for excelling not only in arts, athletics, academics, art and programming. Three students were even chosen to represent the US through State Department international travel programs. Fully equipped to help your child prepare themselves for elite universities, CHS offers Advanced Placement, dual enrollment, and dual-degree programs with PVCC. In 2016, more than 40 of the graduating students moved onto to attend schools such as: Yale, University of Chicago, Northwestern, UVA and William & Mary. From the high-tech science lab to the band and orchestra, the opportunity to  succeed in already high performing programs at this school is available.