Charlottesville Real Estate

Charlottesville Real Estate

Charlottesville Real Estate

Charlottesville real estate is some of the most sought after in the country for any buyer. The town has something for everyone, from those looking for an adorable first home walking distance from a great elementary school, to those looking for acres of verdant pastures perfect for a new farm or vineyard just a short drive from the city center.

Charlottesville Real Estate

View of the Blue Ridge Mountains from Edgewood Farm

Living in Charlottesville 

While I moved away from Charlottesville after growing up there, Charlottesville has never lost its magic. Charlottesville is the perfect amalgamation. Its small town charm is on full display with a walk on the Downtown Mall. And just a few minutes down the road you can enjoy the incredible history of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Or you can relax with a glass of local wine and a view of the grapes vines that produced it. Southern but modern, Charlottesville boasts well-recognized public and private schools and the top-rated University of Virginia.

Charlottesville Activities

Another one of the best parts about living in Charlottesville is the proximity of breathtaking nature in every direction. Charlottesville is ideal for hikers. From Humpback Rocks to Ivy Creek to Walnut Creek Park, the Charlottesville area has great hikes at every difficultly level. And don’t forget your dog! Charlottesville residents love their pets, and no hike is complete without watching your dog splash into a pond before you realize your forgot a towel.

Additionally, Charlottesville has plenty to offer those who want to take in the awesome mountain views without over-exerting themselves. The city has dozens of notable vineyards and wineries where you can relax and enjoy the fruits of the local terroir. From small vineyards tucked away in a valley to world-renowned wineries atop nearby mountains, you’ll never get tired of searching for your favorite local wine.

Charlottesville’s Bustling Food Scene

If all that weren’t enough to have you planning your move, Charlottesville also has some of the best food you’ll find in the country. While the city is known for quick eats like Marco and Luca Dumplings and Bodo’s Bagels, there’s also fine dining at Mas and C&O. In sum, Charlottesville has something for every palate. And if you’re not from the south, get ready to experience the good food and southern hospitality you’ve been missing. Start your foray into southern cuisine with local favorites like The Whiskey Jar and Wayside. If you want to want to know more of our recommendations for great bites in the area, check out our blog post on Charlottesville food here.

Charlottesville Real Estate

Charlottesville Real Estate

Charlottesville Neighborhoods – Single Family Homes

  • Near the Downtown Mall, residents have revitalized Belmont in recent years. The neighborhood now boasts some of Charlottesville’s most notable restaurants and coffee shops, scattered around charming houses and churches. Just take a walk through the neighborhood on a weekend morning to get a feel for the neighborhood. You’ll be surprised by the architecture, the view of the mountains, and the great brunch spots.
  • Not far from UVA’s “The Corner,” you’ll find the charming Rugby neighborhood. While the houses on the southern half of Rugby Road house fraternities and sororities, the houses to the north are architecturally diverse and neatly maintained on charming tree-lined streets! The neighborhood is ideal for UVA faculty members given how close it is to campus.

Charlottesville Neighborhoods – Mixed Options

  • Within walking distance of the Downtown Mall, North Downtown offers real estate for all kinds of buyers. Unlike Belmont, which primarily contains various sizes of single family homes, North Downtown has more of a mix. In this neighborhood you’ll find apartments, condos, single family homes, and regal, renovated historic homes. The area is also prized by residents for its library and parks. (Here is more information about buying a historic home in the area.)
  • Those looking for houses near Charlottesville’s parks and open spaces need look no further than Cherry Hill. Though just minutes from the Downtown Mall and UVA, Cherry Hill is a world apart from North Downtown and Belmont. The neighborhood is ideal for those who want easy access to shopping and restaurants in Charlottesville’s newest shopping centers. And don’t forget well-maintained walking trails and park!

Need Neighborhood Advice?

Keep in mind this is just a sampling of some of the neighborhoods that showcase Charlottesville real estate. And if none of those neighborhoods sound like what you’re looking for, learn more about other Charlottesville neighborhoods here.

In sum, Virginia Estates has experience helping all kinds of buyers with all budgets. If you need advice about moving to Charlottesville from the experts, check out Virginia Estates’ listings here.

Enjoy the view? Move to Charlottesville!

Moving to Charlottesville

Charlottesville has been called many things over the years. One of the best small cities in the US. The cutest small towns in the South. One of the best places to live in America, period. If you’re ready to make the move to Charlottesville, Virginia Estates can answer all your questions about Charlottesville real estate. With so many options – condos, single family homes, renovated historic homes, and grand estates – it’s hard to know where to start. With all this in mind, Virginia Estates can help you figure out what’s right for your family, taking into consideration your lifestyle, goals, and budget. Though moving is a big decision, Virginia Estates has the resources and experience to painlessly make your dream a reality.

If you need more information about Charlottesville to help with your decision, you can read more about the city in this blog, or on Virginia Estates’ website, found here.